Scaffold Plank

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Tulnoy Lumber is a mill-direct buyer and stocking distributor of OSHA Scaffold Plank.

Whenever you need it and wherever it needs to go, Tulnoy can get it there complete correct and on time.

We have the OSHA planks in our distribution warehouses for immediate delivery. In addition, we ship direct from the producing saw-mill to locations throughout the United States.

If you would like to place an order, request pricing or talk it over, please contact us.

What about OSHA Compliance and Testing?

As you know, to meet OSHA standards, every Scaffold Plank has to be graded-stamped indicating that it has passed the OSHA requirements.

Each of our OSHA Approved Planks is marked "MEETS OSHA STANDARDS" down both long sides of the plank. This makes visual recognition of OSHA compliance easy for everyone on the job to see and confirm.

In ADDITION to meeting the visual requirements for OSHA certification, our manufacturer adds yet another level of physical safety assurance by confirming the actual design values of the plank with a physical Stress Rating Machine.

This testing, known as Machine Stress Rating (MSR), is performed on each and every OSHA Scaffold Plank that our manufacturer produces. If the OSHA plank passes the Machine Stress Rating test, it carries the MSR stamp indicating physical compliance, and is released into the marketplace.

Our customers are not charged a single penny for the added security of the MSR test because we know that adding extra safety to a product as important as this one is priceless.

If you would like to place an order, request pricing, or talk it over, please contact us.

Product Specifications

  • Meets OHSA/ANSI Standards
  • Available in S4S and Rough Surfaces
  • Available Widths: 2x10 & 2x12
  • Rodded Ends
  • Clipped Corners
  • Custom Embossing
  • Precision End trimming, End Painting,
  • Paper Wrapping also available

Panels available: Marine Grade, Fire Retardant, and CCA treated.

Manhattan Sales: tel 212.740.9550 fax 212.740.9553

New York & Connecticut Sales: tel 718.583.3434 fax 718.299.8920

New Jersey & Pennsylvania Sales: tel 732.634.4000 fax 732.634.0358

National Sales: tel 718.901.1700


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