Tulnoy Lumber has been supplying building materials for over 70 years. We are often asked about the origin of the company name. Tulnoy is not found in the Dictionary nor is it particularly simple to pronounce clearly so we are asked, "Why Tulnoy?"          

Many people think that the person who started Tulnoy must have been named Mr. Tulnoy and they are only half right. Leon Tulchin and Lou Piznoy were the founding partners of Tulnoy and after considering other possible combinations of their two names you will probably agree that they chose wisely!

      Over the years many things have changed and evolved. We have added new people, new products, new warehouses, new technologies, new opportunities and new challenges.            
There is one thing however that has not wavered over the years and that is Tulnoy's commitment to provide quality merchandise, delivered on-time for a competitive price.  

Manhattan Sales: tel 212.740.9550 fax 212.740.9553

New York & Connecticut Sales: tel 718.583.3434 fax 718.299.8920

New Jersey & Pennsylvania Sales: tel 732.634.4000 fax 732.634.0358

National Sales: tel 718.901.1700

Email: sales@tulnoylumber.com

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