Vacuform is made by drawing sheets of forming plastic against a solid mold such that the plastic takes on the shape of the mold in three dimensions.

Our designs include brick walls, block walls, stone walls, tile roofs, wood shingle roofs, columns, pilasters, doors, windows, large decorative moulding, balustrades and much more.

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If you watch television, go to the movies or theatre, you probably have seen many of these items at work!

The 4'x12' molded sheets can have contour depth of up to 15" and weigh only 12 pounds each.

The plastic is about the thickness of a credit card and has some rigidity and durability but the formed items are not meant for structural use. The items are used to achieve a visual effect and are often mounted on a hard surface.

Each sheet comes with a 3 perimeter mounting-flange.

The Vacuform sheets are simple to work with. They can be cut with a utility knife, glued, stapled or taped.

The Vacuform items are "paint-ready" and are white in color.

These items are shipped nationally. Manufacturing Lead-Time is 2 days ARO.

These items are made-to-order and once in production, the items are non-cancelable and non-returnable.

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